Why Women over 50 A Life Redesigned™

Hi I’m Shelly and I have been on an amazing journey since I turned 50! However, it’s not always been that way.

I have said my story started in December 2011, in my car stopped by a train. 

It was a key moment, as I sat there hungover, sick, tired, and so sad.  So much sadness, I can’t even describe. Sadness that alcohol, food, or anti-depressants could not take away.  

My story actually began when I was born. My mom and dad were ill equipped to raise a family, both having suffered traumas of their own.  So, their trauma was passed on to us in forms of violence, alcoholism, and a childhood void of love and affection.

In addition, I felt as if my path had one ending. To be out of the house when I turned 18.  I was pushed to graduate high school and then nothing.

 When I met my first husband, my mom told me to marry that boy, he would calm me down.  I wondered why I needed calming down from.  With no ambition of my own, no skills, and no confidence that I could succeed in the world I married him.

I imagine my mom wanted me out from under foot because I was super rebellious. I wanted so much out of the world, beyond my family of origin and their closed-minded existence, yet I didn’t know how to articulate this.

My first husband and I divorced 20 years later when I hit my “fabulous” 40’s. 

When I hit 48 all the years of abuse, trauma, living my life for others, doing things I didn’t want to do, and having no real sense of purpose or who I was, I lost it. Completely lost it, which led to the moment at the train.  

Here is that story – I ran away from home at the age of 50

My purpose here is to inspire and motivate women over 50 to create and live a life they love.  The road there may not be smooth, but along the way you will have many opportunities to stop, look, and listen.

The women I interview for my podcast are amazing women who have been where you are. Like me they took that sometimes fearful, yet empowering leap to figure out where they wanted to go, and who they wanted to be.

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Thank you for being a part of this community. I think you will love it here!