Not in the script – My interview with Elizabeth Green

 Elizabeth was born in Croydon Surrey in ‘olden times’ as her kids refer to it and moved to claim her Jewish identity to Hampstead Garden Suburb, North London, when she was eight years old. She went to South Hampstead High School, that bastion of female-only strength where her daughter attended decades later. Her daughter fared better.

She fled her first teaching job in North London and went to sit at the feet of her guru in India.  She found out later he was the ‘free love’ guru.  She was there for two wonderful years in the late ‘70s. Back in London with a ring in her nose she discovered homeopathy, something she follows to this day.

Married in 1983, divorced in 2007, she did her time, created her best creation, her three wonderful children, and post-divorce went to New York City to discover who she was. She owned a plant-based restaurant in the West Village in Manhattan called Planted, which she closed in 2021 to focus on her writing career.

She wrote this book in 2017, the year she was banned from her restaurant by one of her crooked partners, but that’s going to be her next book. Elizabeth loves New York.  This is her first long awaited book, awaited by her!

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