Join the Facebook Group

Please read before you join this Facebook Group.

Why am I asking you to read this before you join?

Women over 50 A Life Redesigned group is a large group, and it will continue to grow!  Which we love! The more we can support each other during this time the better.  However, we get often get over 50 requests a day for women to join. 

Some are men, some are bots, and others are women like you who want to be a part of a supportive online community, that is unlike any other.

So that we can weed through the bots, and men to get your request approved you need to answer the questions.  You will not be approved if the questions go unanswered.

Here are other items you should know before you join.

You will not be accepted into the group if:

  • You are a man
  • You joined Facebook less than a year ago
  • You do not answer the questions

Signing up for the newsletter is optional, it is not required to join the group. Please do not subscribe just to unsubscribe after you join the group.

The purpose of this group is to encourage each other in our redesigned lives.   We are here to offer support and encouragement to others, not build your business.  I know the ways coaches/network marketers are taught about groups.  I know because I am a coach/network marketer!  

I get messages every day about cold messaging, friend requests, and other issues that members do not want. Doing this will get you kicked out of the group. If you provide value to the group, our members will find you!

We love, love, love stories of transformation and stories and photos of how you are redesigning your life.  However, we will not approve post that contain links or are page shares, or sneak in a self- promotion. We do not approve religious, political or COVID-19 related post. We do not allow posts about menopause.  If that is something you need, I encourage you to join the group Hot Flashes and Cool Topics. They are the menopause experts!

We do not approve “thanks for the add” or “I am from” posts unless they contain more of your story that others would relate to.

We do not approve questions of medical issues, menopause, fashion or beauty. There are lots of FB groups out there for that!

We do not do business sharing days, because there are loads of other over 50 groups that do that. If you have made a transformation in your life, and want to be featured on the podcast just email me at I will promote your business that way.

Please do not add links to comments.

Please do not ask members to PM you, if they feel you are someone they want to interact with they will PM you.

Please do not PM members of the group.

 We also limit the number of posts each day that we approve, as to not overwhelm the timeline.

Still want to join? Here is the link.