Is this all there is? My interview with Julie Scott

My guest today is Julie Scott creator of The Confident Women’s Community, and the author of the book – “This Time It’s About You” how to take your life from no I can’t to yes I can!

If you’ve ever looked around your life and thought, “Is this all there is?” Well, Julie is that woman who will tap you on the shoulder, turn you around and politely but firmly say, “HELL NO SISTER! HELL NO!”

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Julie and I have a great conversation on this very topic. What can women do when they come to the realization that there has to be more!

Julie’s mission is to help mature women prioritize their needs and gain confidence so they can stop worrying about “being enough” and start living life. By learning to trust in themselves, the wisdom of their bodies and their worth, women free themselves and embrace the aging process with ease, optimism and strength. It feels good to be confident, and Julie helps her clients feel good about themselves in mind, body and spirit.

You can find Julie on her Facebook Group – The Confident Women’s Community and her website.

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