Interview with Heidi Herman – why women over 50 should seek out new experiences

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Carry on, keep doing what you’re doing, forge ahead, and keep moving. Icelanders have a saying for it: Áfram með Smjörið – on with the butter! 

Heidi Herman’s new retirement & aging book On with the Butter! inspires seniors to Keep Moving, Keep Doing, Keep Living. This book was inspired by Heidi’s 93-year old mother, Ieda, who undertook a challenge to have 93 new experiences before her 94th birthday to prove you’re never too old for something new.  

“After my mom’s recovery from a stroke at the age of 92, she began promoting the message of living life with vitality no matter what your age. I helped her achieve and log 93 new activities between her 93rd and 94th birthdays. ‘On with the Butter’ is one of the countless things I learned from my vivacious Icelandic mother. “Just keep moving” was her favorite mantra. She taught me by example to embrace life and live in the moment. I thought of Mom as a life adventurer. She taught me to embrace life with exuberance,” says Heidi. 

When her mom passed away, Heidi was inspired to inspire others to live life with that same vitality. Heidi herself learned to be what she calls a ‘life adventurer’ and her new book “On With the Butter!” provides insight for readers to add vitality to their own life. Many of the items offered are things that can be done in safe socially-distant ways and still provide mental and physical benefits. It also incorporates her Icelandic heritage and the unique Scandinavian life philosophies.

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