Be Your Beautiful Self

I am a Beautycounter Consultant. Beautycounter is a company dedicated to getting safer skin care products into the hands of everyone!

Do you know what is in your skin and hair care products?

Beautycounter has a list of 1,800 never use ingredients in their products.

Gregg Renfrew – founder of Beautycounter

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Happy Customers

Happy customer- finally clean products that do not disappoint!”

I never wear gloss but this one looks really pretty- I prefer sheer lipstick but this isn’t sticky. I’ll definitely wear it. Went with Dahlia. My lips have a lot of color naturally so this is like my lips just a tiny bit rosier.

The new foundation is lovely- my skin looks like skin.

I LOVE how Beautycounter makes me feel!! For the longest time I refused to go without makeup and I hated how bad my skin would react to most products. I’ve tried so many brands, cheap & expensive but yet my face still hurt & broke out constantly. Then Shelly opened my eyes to Beautycounter & man oh man what a difference! I now feel confident to go at least 4 days a week without makeup. The best part is that when I do wear it I know its everything my skin needs & I don’t fear that my face will hate me later. ThanksĀ Shelly!