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As a woman over 50, I have realized it’s time to take control of my financial life. A paycheck and Social Security just isn’t going to cut it nowadays.

Also, over 50 today means something different than just a generation ago. We are living longer, we are more educated, and are not ready to take up the rocking chair and knitting needles. We have so much more to contribute to society, and to ourselves.

Network Marketing – It is a business in a box, helping you create a financial future that has a built in personal development component you never knew you needed! Best part is you can help other women on their journey as well.

I offer a unique perspective on this business. We help you build a business, by building a team – no spamming your friends and family, no stalking Facebook groups, or home parties. We teach you to build a network of shoppers, with some of the best products in the world. #whatareyouwaitingfor

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You can fill out form below to schedule a phone chat, but before you do I encourage you to listen to this interview with Eunice Ray who ate the age of 71, is a National Vice President with her company. I am so inspired by her journey, and her spunky nature! #belikeeunice #whathaveyougottolose