Jumping into Fear

I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane once.  A tandem dive that had been on my bucket list for years.  A few days before my 51st birthday I was able to jump, thanks to my birthday present from Steve.

Was this scary? Hell yeah!  Up at 10,000 feet, taking a step out on the wing of that puddle jumper, looking down, my heart was racing, and nothing was in my control at that point.  As I watched the video later, the instructor I was tethered to, said jump to the videographer and away we jumped.

Sometimes you just gotta jump.

You would think tandem jumping would be the scariest thing I ever did.  You would be wrong.  Yes, I was afraid that the parachute would not open and I would plummet to the earth at 250 miles at hour.  But this tandem jump was not put on display for all to see, until it was over. 

The fear begins when you put yourself out there for the whole world to see

In the June Book Club chat, I talked about starting my podcast, and how that produced fear for me.  What would others think of me spewing my thoughts out into the world?  And just who was I to do a podcast?  Would anyone listen?  Would I fail miserably?

That was real fear – putting myself out there for the whole world to witness my brilliant success or my dismal failure.

The tandem jump was scary yes, but often the most fear producing are the things we put out into the world that people could openly judge.

Your book

Your paintings

Your blog

Your podcast

Your new business

Three ways to move past your fear

Surround yourself with those who want to see you succeed. I was able to produce my podcast a year ago doing two things.  First was I surrounded myself with encouraging people on the same path – a podcast mastermind group. 

Jump.  I jumped.  I produced my first episode and let it loose into the world. 

Create for you and you only.  My podcast is one of my greatest pleasures in life now.  I know the business gurus are gonna’ say, create your content for your audience.  Find out what they want.  But I am my audience. I am over 50, looking to redesign and create a life I love.  And much to my surprise, I have people who listen and say they LOVE the podcast.   Are you your audience? What would you create for you?

What is keeping you from jumping?

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