Are you acting old?

Just because you are over 50 doesn’t mean you need to act old or be old.

Sure, we may have some limitations — I am positive I will not run out in the front yard and do a back handspring like I was 14 again — but that does not give us a reason to sit around and act old.

How are you acting old?

Not taking an active role in your life. Are you looking out the window at the world and thinking “I sure wish I could, but I can’t…”

You are still caring around all those inaccurate thoughts and beliefs about yourself. That big fucking albatross around your neck — creating even heavier inertia. For the love of a happy life — let them go!

Believing the generations behind you have nothing to offer you

Believing you have nothing to offer the generations behind you

Telling yourself….”Well I tried that once”

Thinking the world operates on the same set of rules it did 40 years ago

Not learning new skills

Being fearful of new technology and advances in today’s world

Over glorifying the good old days

We don’t have as many years ahead of us as we do behind us. So why waste the precious time you have left “acting old”. Start embracing all the world has to offer. Share your uniqueness and light with others. Try out Tik Tok.

You have so much to offer and so much life to live!

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