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The constant hum of something more – My interview with Jetty Nieuwenhuis

Video Version Below Jetty felt the constant hum of something more. From a young age in the Netherlands Jetty began to understand the weight of labels: “dirty farm girl,” “not smart enough,” “too outspoken.” With these labels she learned life was meant to be a struggle: for attention, for love, for acceptance. Without comfort at […]

Self-Worth and Empowerment – My Interview with Meryl Hayton

Meryl is a Self-Worth and Empowerment Coach, Certified EFT Practitioner, intuitive guide and speaker helping female working professionals release their fear, self-sabotage, and thoughts that hold them back from achieving their true potential. Meryl helps women by healing the root reason they hold back through rediscovering their inner confidence and feelings of “enough-ness” so that […]