What shall you be when you grow up?

What shall you be when you grow up?

Photo is of me in Ft. Collins, Colorado. A piano was just sitting there, so I tried to play what I could remember of Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer. Photo Credit Steve Weiss

Are you in the middle of I don’t know what’s happening to me now?  The kids are gone, you’re divorced, your job of 20 years is no longer working for you or you just know you need a change.

That’s okay.

Most of us don’t.

Why then do others seem to find the path that leads them through these life stages?

They get off their asses and find the thing that works for them.

They may go through two or three different items before they find what they need/want.

 But you ain’t gonna find it sitting on the couch.  That thing is not going to knock on your door and say, “Here I am, just want you were waiting for.”

You must do the things to find the things that tickle your fancy.

Shelly Drymon

But I don’t know what things to try.

Try them all!

Since turning 50 I have:

  • Been sky diving
  • Worked as an event coordinator at a local Bed and Breakfast
  • Freelanced for Doug Pitt – the other Pitt brother
  • Started and produced a podcast
  • Went solo mountain climbing
  • Ran away from home
  • Raised 95K for a nonprofit
  • Started a Youtube channel
  • Conducted workshops for women
  • Created online programs for women
  • Made the decision to not get married again
  • Sued someone
  • Had a professional photo shoot
  • Created a bunch of websites
  • Ran a half marathon
  • Tried my hand at kickboxing
  • Created a FB group
  • Been interviewed for podcast
  • Been on live TV
  • Been on live radio
  • Wrote copy for a RV website
  • Been a guest blogger
  • And more I am sure.

Did I love all these things? Nope. Some I hated and will never do again! 

Some I kept and they will shape how I move forward.  For example, I love creating. I love public speaking. 

You must find the things and do the things.

If you really don’t want to do the things, then that’s fine.  Don’t whine or complain about not being able to decide what to do now.

Fess up to yourself that you really don’t want to do that things and stay where you are.

Or see your life as an adventure.  Each thing is a flavor of cupcake.  Find that cupcake that has you seeing infinite possibilities for your life and devour it!

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