The top 10 most listened to podcast episodes

The top 10 most listened to podcast episodes

I am so grateful to my listeners and my podcast guests. What a great year and a half of podcasting.

It is with great honor and pleasure I present the top ten most listened to episodes in 2020, listed below starting with the number 1 – some episodes will have a video version as well.

1. Running Away From Home at the Age of 50

This was my first episode, if you don’t count the trailer! In this episode I chat about the time I ran away from home at the age of 50, and how I created massive self-awareness during that time.

2. Knowing Your Core Values

In this episode I walk you though a core values exercise, designed to help you define your main focus and core values today.

3. Using Your Thoughts Wisely with Kat Hoyer

Our thoughts have immense power over our actions and our emotions. This interview with Kat Hoyer of STEER Your Life talks about using her STEER model to re-frame and re-focus your thoughts so they serve you better!

  • Overcoming the setbacks/Mowing My Dirt
  • STEER Your Life Coaching® is born – What is CBT and DBT
  • How does STEER bring Peace, Passion and Productivity?
  • What is one thing I can start doing that will help me STEER my life?
  • What are 3 questions I can ask myself that will help me when I’m STEERing.

4. There’s no self-awareness in a bottle of Chardonnay

In this episode I talk candidly about my drinking, and how it will impede your progress in self-awareness. Women over 50 are drinking at alarmingly high rates and it is killing us!

I give you two solid action steps to take today to help you with any habit you wish to stop – replace a bad habit with a good one and sit with your emotions.

5. Clothes, Clothes Everywhere and Not a Thing to Wear with Carol Hanson

Had a great interview with Carol Hanson – Conscious Wardrobe Stylist. And it is not just about what to wear. Carol and I discuss fast fashion, and the impact it has on our environment and people, especially women, in third world countries. We also discussed how a vast majority of women Carol worked with were struggling with body confidence issues.

6. You are not as self-aware as you think

It may seem a bit harsh, this podcast about self-awareness. However, if you think you are something and you are not, I believe you do a real dis-service to yourself and your goals. Being self-aware is a lifetime journey, not a one stop destination.

  • What is self-awareness?
  • Why is it important?
  • And how did Shelly react when she believed she was a poser?

7. Going from “No Way” to becoming successful network marketers!

Just a great conversation with Janine and Sharon as we chat about their staunch objections to Network Marketing.

And look at them now, two successful network marketers.

8. Changing the narrative for women over 50 with Hot Flashes and Cool Topics

Loved this conversation with the host of Hot Flashes and Cool Topics – Collen Ricci Rosenblum and Bridgett Biagi Garratt.

A podcast for women in midlife and beyond working to change the narrative for this chapter of life.

9. Every Midlife Woman Deserves Life-Changing Emotional and Financial Wellness with Patty Gale

“I do what I do so that every woman navigating midlife can boldly define, plan and create what she wants for today and the decades to come and to feel empowered and secure. Take ten minutes a day for some personal care – journal, drink a big glass of water, stretch, meditate, walk. Allow yourself some grace and you can take a look at your finances.” ~ Patty

10. Courage in the face of heart failure and a near death experience with Isabelle Morton

n 2002, heart failure and a near-death experience turned Isabelle Morton’s world upside down. When a heart transplant saved her life three years later, it also reawakened her gift: an innate affinity with healing diamonds and gemstones, and the knowledge of how to apply them. It also gave her the courage to share this information. In 2010, Isabelle founded the Gemstone Therapy Institute to provide a resource for education, certification, and healing gemstones. Isabelle is the author of 14 books including her memoir: “Accepting Destiny: How Heart Transplant and Near Death Experience Gave Me the Courage to Share Gemstone Therapy with the World.” 

I would love to know your favorite out of these top ten, or comments about any of these episodes.

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