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These are just the books given to me by my guests. Keep coming back for more recommendations for books written by my podcast guests.

This Time It’s About You: A Journey from “No I Can’t” to “Yes I Can!” By Julie Scott

Pro Age Life and Health Coach Julie Scott has written an inspiring, accessible, down to earth, motivating, honest and REAL book about how to embrace the aging process with optimism, vitality, excitement and possibility topped off with a ‘can-do’ attitude. Even if you’ve given up and decided it’s too late and are ready to fold up and die, this book will inspire you to jump back in and create a life that you love living – at any age! By sharing her own journey of “waking up” in her 40’s, Julie shows how she’s navigating mid-life and beyond by identifying her old “No I Can’t” beliefs and replacing them with powerful “Yes I Can!” beliefs. Come along for the ride into the rest of your life with eyes wide open, full of curiosity, healthy and excited for what’s possible and what’s to come. YES YOU CAN!!

Don’t Eat the Scraps: and other powerful “Jules’ Rules” for Success in any New Relationship! by Jules Price

“Don’t Eat the Scraps” describes the crucial and (as of now!) unknown theory of a behavior that men exhibit in the first six to eight weeks in dating. Women everywhere find themselves scratching their head, asking themselves the chin-quivering question, “Where did it all go wrong?”

In a lighthearted, provocative and hilarious way, Jules lays out all the things that women need to know in order to navigate, step-by-step, through the first months of any relationship, armed with some of the soundest Jules’ Rules dating advice they’ll ever receive to overcome future hurdles (and scraps!). It is a one-stop guide to thriving in the murky waters of the dating world… and have a few out-loud chuckles along the way.

Why aren’t MEN allowed to read the book, you ask? It is not a male-bashing book by any means! But if they were to become aware of their own unintended pattern of scrap-flinging behaviors, they would start implementing anywhere from minuscule to dangerously large changes that would ultimately affect the entire balance of this delicate relationship equation.

Armed with this new alarming knowledge, men’s behavior would most certainly morph into some kind of odd and unique strain of the original virus that would be much harder to identify, combat, and eventually eradicate! We simply need more women to understand that this pattern exists so that we don’t misconstrue their intentions, and we can all live harmoniously.

So please, for the sake of all man and womankind, no men allowed…

A MUST-READ, hilarious and considerate insight into how men and women interact and ultimately misunderstand each other’s intentions. Here’s the secret key to go from “Scrappiness” to “Happiness!!”

Creatrix Rising: Unlocking the Power of Midlife Women by Stephanie Raffelock

Ever since Eve was banned from the garden, women have endured the oftentimes painful and inaccurate definitions foisted upon them by the patriarchy. Maiden, mother, and crone, representing the three stages assigned to a woman’s life cycle, have been the limiting categories of both ancient and modern (neo-pagan) mythology. And one label in particular rankles: crone. The word conjures a wizened hag—useless for the most part, marginalized by appearance and ability.

None of us has ever truly fit the old-crone image, and for today’s midlife women, a new archetype is being birthed: the creatrix.

In Creatrix Rising, Stephanie Raffelock lays out—through personal stories and essays—the highlights of the past fifty years, in which women have gone from a quiet strength to a resounding voice. She invites us along on her own transformational journey by providing probing questions for reflection so that we can flesh out and bring to life this new archetype within ourselves. If what the Dalai Lama has predicted—that women will save the world—proves true, then the creatrix will for certain be out front, leading the pack.

Wholly Unraveled: A Memoir by Keele Burgin

In Kathleen’s home, red jeans were a sin. Parties were punishable with violence. Fear was part of the daily norm. Growing up in a Catholic cult, under the unforgiving eye of her abusive father, Kathleen knew from an early age that if she were to survive, she’d have to do it on her own.

But when the time came to escape, she found herself in a damaging spiral of self-destruction. At rock bottom, and with nowhere to go, Kathleen stepped off a bus in the last place she ever thought she’d find peace: a remote community in rural Canada. Spending a year in almost complete silence, Kathleen feared this experience would prove to be just another step in her unraveling. Instead, with her demons quieted, she emerged with a fresh understanding of self, an empowering new purpose, and a sense of worthiness that she would never let be challenged again.

Wholly Unraveled is Keele Burgin’s gripping and inspiring journey of self-discovery and of finally finding her voice against nearly insurmountable odds.

Find Your Joy and Run With It by Rosie Mankes

What if you went to the post office thinking you were picking up a package, but instead you received a box containing your brother’s cremation remains? What if, during that same year, you were diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo a double mastectomy – all while simultaneously dealing with the challenge of transitioning your confused and dementia-suffering mother into an assisted living facility?

These three life-altering events happened to Rosie Mankes, but rather than telling the story of a life overturned by hardship, she instead celebrates the magic of breaking free and finding joy, sharing how readers can do the same. Transforming despair and despondency into service to others, Rosie’s memoir is raw, honest, funny, and emotionally relatable all at the same time.

The Cherry Pie Paradox: The Surprising Path to Diet Freedom and Lasting Weight Loss by Joy Imboden Overstreet

Joy Imboden Overstreet, MPH created the original Thin Within workshops back in 1975, long predating the intuitive eating movement. She had struggled with her weight and failed at too many diets to count. She gave up dieting and reconnected with her body’s wisdom, her taste buds, and her healthy loving self. She shared these practices with hundreds of participants, many of whom say the experience was permanently life-changing. Today, recent discoveries in neuroscience and cognitive behavior studies validate her work. And now, in The Cherry Pie Paradox, Overstreet shares this powerful process of self-discovery with you.

In this book you will:

  • Leave judgement behind and discover what has kept you stuck, and how to overcome it.
  • Get in touch with your inner fuel gauge so you are more in sync with your hunger and fullness signals.
  • Sharpen your taste buds and your ability to discriminate what’s worth eating and what to leave on the plate.
  • Free yourself from the magnetic spell of certain foods.
  • Meet the Seven Pirates of Resistance trying to commandeer your ship.
  • Uncover the hidden beliefs and toxic messages from the past that undermine your self-confidence… then let them go.
  • Nurture a more compassionate attitude towards your body and its imperfections.
  • Put into daily practice 8 tools that will help you eat wisely. For life.

And so much more. You’ll soon realize this process also works on other life challenges. So jump up to the ORDER button now. You will be glad you did.

Ignite Your Inner Spirit – Lydia Knorr Contributing Author

Our imagination to create what’s fun for us is unlimited when we’re children. Why stop because we’re physically grown up as adults? Answering our unique inner calling and using our unique gifts and talents for the world is what ignites us and makes our spirit come alive. 

Ignite Your Inner Spirit, is the breakthrough book of the Ignite series. It brings together 35 authors sharing their individual stories about the courage to listen to their hearts and follow their dreams; guided only by their inner knowing and trust in their gut feelings. Their journey took them to unexpected self-discovery and created a life that brings them joy. They broke the social norms of what’s success and happiness are because they decided to define it for themselves, on their own terms. These are the rebels, nonconformists, radical thinkers, creative artists, and outliers who took the road less traveled and can light the way as torchbearers for others. 

This book will encourage readers to follow their intuition, give the courage to leave security, that is not aligned with their spirit’s calling, and honor their sense of what’s their soul’s purpose to contribute to others. Whether that contribution is to their children by being a stay at home dad or mom or being able to impact a billion people. 

These stories will awaken and inspire readers to explore how to listen to their own inner calling, how they can stay on course, and be true to themselves with their commitment by having daily habits and practices for success in whatever is their fun mission to pursue their life.

Your Next Chapter. Dream It. Design It. Live It.: How to live a purposeful life without limitations by Christine Stallard

Are you in the midst of (or about to move into) one of life’s many transitions?

Retirement, divorce, career change, moving, and kids leaving the “nest” are transitions that can be exhilarating…terrifying…or both! There may be times you look in the mirror and you don’t even recognize the person staring back at you. That loss of identity is far more common than you think. Who you are today is often deeply rooted in the past…your spouse, your children, your career, or your community involvement.

So, when a transition occurs, it can be a confusing and lonely place. But here’s some great news! There is a path out of the darkness and into the light of freedom, fulfillment and joy. Your reality may be limited to the here and now. But your future reality can be something totally different because it has yet to be written.

And guess what? You are the author of your own life’s story. You have the pen! What an incredible opportunity in front of you.

Faced with the daunting task of finding herself after retirement, former corporate executive Christine Stallard takes you on a journey of self-discovery as you write your own next chapter. Through personal stories, lessons learned and journaling exercises, Christine will help you discover who you are without limitations, what you really want out of your next chapter in life…and how to get it!

Not In The Script: The Black Sheep in the Billionaire’s Family by Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green has spent her life in the shadow of her famous brother, the controversial British billionaire Sir Philip Green. Most of what she knew of him she read in the columns of the Daily Mail; not just his business empire but the parties, the gatherings and dinners to which she was never invited. A guest summed it up at his wedding when she said: ‘I’ve known Philip for 25 years but never knew he had a sister.’ But Not In The Script is about more than just family relationships. It’s a story of a woman’s insatiable search for love, one that took her to all the wrong places – and involved all the wrong men; from divorce in the north London suburbs to the ashrams of India and, eventually, the excitement of Manhattan’s restaurant scene. Along the way, she did fall over and over, but the men? Well, they didn’t quite get there. Sound familiar? Above all Elizabeth was not a quitter, she found love where she least expected it – inside herself. Read her memoir, laugh and get inspired to NEVER, EVER give up.

Everything You Ever Taught Me: If you’ve got a lot on your mind, go for a walk

In 2020 the world went to hell in a handbag. This isn’t exactly headline news – although it was then. I went from perfectly locatable in the Cotswolds to utterly baffled in the American wilderness when I embarked on a quest to walk from Mexico to Canada for reasons that escape me. It was most probably nothing more dramatic than a mid-life crisis.

Perhaps I should have come ‘home’ but I lived in the deluded optimism the pandemic would all be over by the summer. Besides, I’d given up my home: shoving my belongings into storage, persuaded someone to look after my cat and someone else to look after my car. I did think about returning but each time I popped into civilisation to top up my supplies, I discovered a new reason to run for the hills. So ‘home’ became a tent: a mere flimsy bit of fabric to protect me from every conceivable terror that exists in the wilderness – bears, rattlesnakes, deserts, avalanches and other human beings. Most dangerous of all was the racket inside my head.

Everything you ever taught me is my journey, relying on nothing other than the twelve steps of recovery, teaching me to take it one day at a time, one step at a time, and one bloody ginormous mountain at a time as I staggered my way along the Pacific Crest Trail. As mid-life crises go, I remain utterly clueless why mine took me from my sofa to the Canadian border via the fridge, powered only by two chubby legs and a fat arse.

Drinking From A Different Well – Annette Simmons

Drinking from a Different Well: How Womens Stories Change What Power Means in Action is dedicated to young activist Greta Thunberg — and encourages older women to aid our younger cohort in reversing the damage competitive narratives pose to our collective survival. Author Annette Simmons stresses the importance of perceptual agility, gender awareness, empathy, and self-validation in making space for women’s narratives in decision-making.
The book looks at the genius of women’s narratives about power, and tracks how men often misunderstand female contexts. It maps out a cohesive way to blend male and female power in the workplace, and to redefine success in a way that protects people, profits, and the planet.

Building effective power structures depends on accommodating both competitive and collaborative narratives — both are vital to decision-making. When women’s narratives are part of the conversation, conflict suddenly becomes a creative resource instead of a power struggle. Drinking from a Different Well guides readers in how to investigate the core assumptions needed to shift business, government, and even family cultures from an exclusive mindset of win-lose to one of collaborative narratives. Learning how to toggle back and forth between both mindsets not only honors multiple perspectives, it endows decisions with a sense of fairness for all involved.

Packed with investigations into women’s narratives, the book delves into the role of instincts, perceptions, judgment, and ownership, and looks at the paradox of gendered points of view, the differences in the female and male view of power, and the critical importance of avoiding power struggles. Business and global affairs are filled with modern-day Cassandras — but Drinking from a Different Well provides a powerful strategy for blending perspectives to best solve today’s challenges. The book’s reader’s guide and discussion questions make this an invaluable text for leadership study groups.

Annette Simmons, M.ED, is the CEO of Group Process Consulting and author of five books. She has been featured on CNBC’s Power Lunch, NPR’s Market Watch, numerous talk radio programs, and quoted in Fortune, Working Woman, Harvard Business Review, The Chicago Tribune, and Washington Post. She is valued for her expertise in social psychology and leadership development.

We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This – Donna Y. Ferris

What if the path to inner peace leads to outright disaster?

Donna has it all – a generous husband, two healthy kids, a Jersey shore home – but believes something is missing. When she signs up for yoga teacher training, her carefully cultivated life begins to crumble. Her husband is having an affair. Dangerous childhood secrets resurface. Her mother dies suddenly. And she doesn’t even like yoga . . . yet.

As Donna reels and heals, she discovers love, rescues dogs, and confronts yet another crisis of faith when her new fiancé falls ill.

A devastating but funny, life-affirming love story, We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This is for anyone who has ever dared to fight for what matters – and believes it’s never too late to find love or enlightenment.

Magnificent Midlife – Rachel Lankester

Rachel Lankester is the author of Magnificent Midlife: Transform Your Middle Years, Menopause and

In this life-changing book, Rachel Lankester unpicks the accepted status quo and negative stereotypes associated with women’s midlife and aging. She offers us a radical research-based rebranding of midlife and menopause, highlighting the possibilities inherent in this transformational time in a woman’s life.

Far from menopause being the beginning of the end, it can be an exciting catalyst for a more fulfilling next chapter. In this fresh approach to midlife, menopause, and aging, the reader is empowered and provided with resources to get the messy stuff sorted; then guided through a step-by-step blueprint to create a truly magnificent midlife—and beyond.

Whether you’re perimenopausal or post menopause, or you just want to understand what women face, this book will challenge you to think differently about aging, and what midlife and menopause represent. Be prepared not scared!

This book will help you:

  • Embrace a new perspective on midlife and challenge the established norms about aging
  • Find inspiration for changing beliefs in history, data, other cultures and traditions
  • Get the help you need to cope with the hormonal changes of the menopause transition
  • Build long-term resilience in body and mind, so you can cope with life’s challenges and thrive
  • Explore the myriad possibilities for your future – start dreaming big!
  • Evaluate and make peace with your past and present, so neither hold you back and you can become who you were always meant to be
  • Build your own magnificent life plan, capitalizing on all you have discovered about yourself, for a truly authentic and fulfilling future
  • Make that plan a reality!