Maybe she has cancer, maybe she doesn’t

Maybe she has cancer, maybe she doesn’t

I was talking to a close friend about her second biopsy results and how she feels she needs to start living her life as if she already had cancer.

It’s an episode about how we become too comfortable, and it takes a major life upheaval to get our asses off the couch!

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Reader Comments

  1. Fantastic podcast! Thank you. I totally agree with you! Why wait? Well as you say we are so comfortable that we’re asleep, we settle, we support others… blahblahblah.

    It does seem to take a trauma of sorts to shake us up – it did me! I get it. I now work with women to rediscover their purpose, passion and their vision so that they can lead a much more satisfying life having a much bigger picture of themselves and the life they can and will lead.


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