Life after a cult – my interview with Tiffani Cappello

Life after a cult – my interview with Tiffani Cappello

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Tiffani Cappello CHt, RTT is a women’s empowerment coach and rapid transformational therapist. She runs an online program called A Transformed Life (ATL) where she teaches women how to remove personal limitations and blocks to genuine happiness.

ATL teaches women how to heal their past, embrace the present moment and create a compelling future – by learning tools and techniques to impact their own subconscious mind through self-directed healing processes. Tiffani formally struggled with clinical depression and a severe anxiety disorder. In an effort to heal her mind and life Tiffani had to re-create her entire life in her mid-40s after leaving an oppressive, religious cult.

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You can contact Tiffani at her website:

To learn more about Transformed Women Academy and her program A Transformed Life:

Tiffani also runs two support groups on Facebook.

For women who want to transform their lives:… For people struggling to recover after involvement in a religious cult:… You can also find Tiffani on Instagram: @transformedwomenacademy

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