Even though women make 95% of the financial decisions of a household, they are woefully underserved by financial institutions. What steps can you take as a woman over 50 to secure your financial future.
Michelle knew this was her big chance to create her best life. She had dreams of being an entrepreneur and using her skills and experiences to help people who really wanted to take their life to another level.
In this conversation with Pam Van Nest we chat about self-compassion for women over 50, why it's so hard for us, and how creating self-awareness leads to more compassion for ourselves and others.
Joy Imboden Overstreet has followed her curiosity for eight decades. When she finds herself flummoxed by a problem, she figures out how to work through it, then shares the process to empower others in similar situations. This pattern is the one through line in a dizzying variety of careers—guitar teacher, food writer, health educator, computer geek/tech writer, feng shui teacher and color consultant.
ove music, and being the rebel I have always been, flunked Math and Biology because I decided to focus on my music. I also ended up most summers in summer school bringing up those Math and Biology grades. What a waste of my time.

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