Photo is of me the year I turned 50 – at the summit of Mt. Elbert. Second time to the highest mountain in Colorado at 14,443 feet.

Like so many of the women I have interviewed on my podcast, the tone of my life was decided early, and it’s a pattern I followed for decades. When I turned 40 I met a man I eventually married. He was a master at gaslighting, and emotionally manipulative.

The decade that followed wore me down mentally, physically, and emotionally. I spiraled into a world of drinking, over-eating, depression, sorrow, and bouts of incontrollable anger and rage.

Until I turned 50. My 8 month sabbatical in Colorado began a journey to where I am today.

It was in the quiet of Colorado, that I turned inward and was able to really listen to me. I created the self-awareness that would carry me through. I also learned that regardless of what had occurred to me in the past, how I lived my life now was my responsibility. That my friends was life-changing.

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