5 Reasons for Women over 50 to Consider Network Marketing

5 Reasons for Women over 50 to Consider Network Marketing

I am sure as you read the title your pre-conceived notions (good or bad) popped into your head about network marketing. It’s one of the most polarizing subjects – right up there with religion and politics.

You had an Aunt Sally who didn’t get rich quick, and ended up with a garage full of products.  Or perhaps your cousin Sam did the bait and switch and invited you to dinner and it turned out to be network marketing presentation. 

Maybe you know someone who went into debt with his or her network marketing business.

Or perhaps you just think you know all there is to know. Network marketing is a worldwide multi billion dollar industry, that has changed over the years. Especially with the advent of technology and social media network marketing has afforded many women even greater time freedom, and the ability to create a life they love.

I truly believe network marketing is a great option for women over 50 especially if:

  • you have been let go at your work and are ready to make a different career choice and,
  • want more time freedom

Here are five of my reasons for you to consider network marketing.

I don’t know about you, but I am so ready to do what I want, when I want, and how I want.   

Network marketing allows you to do just that. Your work, your income, your time is how structure it.  Can’t have pink hair at the office?  Build you as a brand that fits your true personality, as you build your network marketing business.

We are being squeezed out of the traditional 9-5.

In the private Facebook group women talk about how they have been let go of their jobs, or they can’t keep up with the demands of the technology.  They can’t find another job and ageism plays a huge role. It doesn’t matter your experience, you can be replaced with a younger person.  This is quite evident with Covid-19 that has give many companies a reason to “restructure.”  We all know what that means.

You can start a business with a minimal amount of start-up and low monthly overhead.

A business in a box is what my friend and mentor Janine Finney calls it.  The advent of the digital world allows you to create that time freedom from your laptop.  You do not hold inventory, your customers can order right from your website. 

Your network marketing business is also a personal development plan that helps you achieve your goals.

I talk a lot about how personal development is this vague thing we do, with no end in sight.  We read one book, do some worksheets, listen to some podcasts, then we rinse and repeat.  Never ending cycle of self-help.  With network marketing I have developed skills that actually help me accomplish my goals. Personal development with a compensation plan.

You can recruit your co-workers! 

What do you value in a co-worker?  Whom can you see yourself doing business with?  Imagine building your dream team of people you would truly love to work with. To me, after so many years of being at the mercy of whatever new co-worker, this is a great perk!

Ah, but don’t take my word for it. There are lots of great podcasts and blogs out there about network marketing. My personal favorite podcast is MLM You Decide.

I also want to note here – Any success you want to achieve in your life depends on what you put into it, whether it be weight loss, relationships, or your job. Why should network marketing be any different?  Let me repeat that – network marketing, just like anything else, is what you make it.

Leave a comment below and let me know you are ready to learn even more about how great network marketing is for women.

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