Kriste O’Brien is the author of fat mom on a mountain. It is a 50 week journey to her 50th birthday. She wrote a book and then she climbed a mountain. It’s an honest and heartwarming look at her journey. Kriste lays it all out for you!

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Kriste O’Brien grew up in Maine and resided in Boston for over 20 years. She now lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three children. When Kriste is not working her day job in higher education, she enjoys hiking in the White Mountains, running on her local rail trail, attending concerts, and traveling to new places. After the death of her mother, Kriste has focused on honoring her memory by setting and achieving once unimaginable goals: whitewater rafting, running a marathon, earning her Master’s degree, learning Spanish, climbing tall mountains, and writing a book!

Kriste wrote Fat Mom on a Mountain as a motivation to get off the couch, face her fears, and memorialize her 50th birthday. Her memoir is an honest portrayal of a mother who is trying to find herself by peeling away the layers that are no longer serving her life. It is her first book.


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IG: @fatmomonamountain

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