Robin Salls is the Founder & Publisher of Tangled Silver Magazine, a magazine by and for silver sisters around the globe changing the narrative of how beauty and aging is  defined.

She’s had a hidden love affair with silver hair for as long as she can remember prompted by brushing her grandmother’s white hair and stints as a CNA in a skilled nursing facility that gave her an appreciation for the wisdom that comes with aging. She’d get lost in the stories of travel and history shared by the women with silver strands. But, in 1980 something… allowing your silvers to come through was taboo. 

In 2012, Robin combined her love for wine and connecting women together over shared passions into an event planning business that led to the creation of Sip On Life, a magazine where she shared stories of women winemakers around the globe. She’d found her calling in connecting women together through written word. 

By 2018 she was growing tired of being told she had to keep dyeing her hair to stay young and relevant. She started searching for inspiration and when she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for, her passion for her new found silvers and writing led to the creation of Tangled Silver Magazine. 

The magazine launched January 2021 as a love letter to the silver haired community. The response was magical causing Robin to throw caution to the wind and lean fully into creating a magazine to embrace, celebrate and inspire women around the globe embracing their silver and the silver lifestyle that comes with it. Through TSMAG and the movement she created #iamsilverbeauty she’s breaking barriers with a message for women. Embrace you. Celebrate her. Be inspired.

 She’s inspired by the women she meets daily stepping into their silvers and defining their own definition of beautiful and is grateful for the She-Pack writers that contribute quarterly to make Tangled Silver Magazine a magazine by and for women around the globe.

Robin lives in Colorado with her husband and fur babies. Her free time is spent lost in the mountains, playing superheros with her grandsons or enjoying a nice sipping tequila. And, if you ask her what is the best compliment she’s received since letting her silver strands shine…”my grandsons think I have Elsa hair. It doesn’t get any more magical than that!”

You can also find Tangled Silver on Instagram and Facebook.

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