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Big idea: Women often face the systematic erasure of their perspective and stories — told they’re being “difficult” or “irrational.” But women deserve to be listened to — and need ways to resist being shut down.

 Why it matters: Women’s wisdom and ability to see the bigger picture is a powerful force. They often see things in a moral context — and that’s a vital balance to the competitive systems that tend to drive too many decisions.

Key Messages: How can women push back against systematic gaslighting, pushbacks, and denial? By learning to take the space and time to be heard. There are ways to do it without direct confrontation that are powerful and effective. 

Annette Simmons a keynote speaker, consultant, and author of four books, including The Story Factor, listed in The 100 Best Business Books of All Time. She got her business degree from Louisiana State University , spent ten years in Australia in international business, got an M.Ed. from North Carolina State University (1994), and founded Group Process Consulting in 1996.

Her new book is Drinking from a Different Well: How Women’s Stories Change What Power Means in Action.



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  1. Looking forward to this. Im 70 and my Boss is half my age. While it is a part time job she often suggests I am slow or have memory problems. I have two degrees ,an IQ of 132,and have traveled and lived abroad. She is a high school graduate and has lived in a small town her whole life.
    This year I had every test to create a baseline of health, including a brain MRI. I have had no strokes, no heart attacks, no loss of bone density, no diseases and no mental decline.
    And yet people often refer to me being elderly in need of help. It’s a very odd feeling.
    Im very independent, my hair is still dark brown and since all my friends are dead now I go every where by myself.
    I look forward to what you have to say.

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