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“Change is not easy. And I know sometimes we hear people’s stories and they went from this to this, and there’s so much in between, and there’s so much ups and downs and there’s so much should I have done this in doubting and it’s a real journey. I think we really need to support each other on these journeys of change and transformation” ~ Linda Cooper

Linda Cooper is a faculty member at Karuna International with a background of over 25 years in counseling and contemplative studies. She is the founder of and where she educates, motivates and supports you in making the changes necessary to live your most inspired life. ​

Linda is a powerhouse of expertise in transformational learning modalities. She is a Trauma-informed Counselor, a Life Transitions Coach, a Faculty Member at the Therapeutic Writing Institute, a Certified Transitions Writing Specialist, a Certified Journal Facilitator, a Certified Yoga Teacher specializing in Restorative and Somatic Yoga. She is a personal development educator, magazine columnist, and author of the upcoming book, The Somatic Success Factor: A Body Centered Approach to Success.

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