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When C. Jane Taylor was a little girl, her mother owned the motorcycle shop, Honda of Ann Arbor. Motorcycles colored her childhood until she and her family moved to Northern Michigan and later to Vermont. At the age of 16, she went to Bard College at Simon’s Rock where she earned a BA in Literature and Music History. 

She’s been a cook for a baroque orchestra, a sculptor’s assistant, a resume writer, and a yoga teacher. She started (and stopped) her own welding shop. She has repaired farm equipment under the blazing sun on the Fourth of July and decorated cakes resembling the Palace of Versailles on Bastille Day. Writing has always been her foundation. 

After a forty-year hiatus, she started motorcycling again when her son graduated from college. To celebrate his achievement and fill her impending empty nest, Jane, her husband, and son took a 10,000-mile motorcycle trek across the United States; this adventure is the subject of “Spirit Traffic: A Mother’s Journey of Self-discovery and Letting Go.” She lives, writes, and rides in Hinesburg, Vermont with her husband John, a yoga teacher.

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