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Kwavi is a Certified Life Coach, Author and International Speaker. She is passionate about promoting a positive narrative for women in their 50s and over.

She empowers women in their 50s and beyond to rediscover their purpose and passion by sharing powerful tools and resources to help them take control of their lives on their own terms and embrace midlife as a fascinating and exciting journey.

She uses one-on-one coaching, her online community Flourish and international retreats to inspire women all over the world to transform their lives.

She received her B.Sc. in Information Technology from the Thames Valley University in the United Kingdom, and obtained a Master’s in Medical Informatics degree from Northwestern University in Chicago. She trained with the Well Coaches School of Coaching; a program endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine and Harvard University and is a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School.

Kwavi is a wife and mother to 2 teenage boys. She is a blogger with the Huffington Post and Thrive and has been featured on CBS, NBC, Best Self Magazine and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

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“One of the things as women that we need to do more of is pour more love into ourselves. We pour so much love into others. And one of the things I know about love is when you love someone, you protect them. You take care of them, you do things for them, even when you don’t want it.” ~ Kwavi

“It’s important because in order for you to know yourself, you need to know what you’re about. Like, who are you, how do you want to show up in the world? You need to know these things. And we all know, but sometimes we don’t even want to delve. I’m giving you permission to do it. Okay. You’re 50 and over, even if you’re younger than 50, do it anyway.” ~Kwavi

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