Every year I do a top 10 of podcast episodes. I am super excited to bring you the favorites of 2021. The podcast has 53 episodes, a few solo, and I was able to have conversations with 34 amazing women.

I am also including an honorable mention – the series “Getting Your Shit Together”

As I have said many times, my podcast guests have changed my life. Their stories of transformation, strength, and what they have gone on to create are phenomenal.

We are breaking the stereotypes of women over 50 – who we are, what we are doing, and the powerful force we are.

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Number One

Are You Climbing the Wrong Mountain – My Conversation with Lynn Louise Larson

Number Two

Menopause Simplified Through Health & Lifestyle – My Interview with Leslie Little

Number Three

Create Who You Want to Be – My Conversation with Wendee Saunders

Number Four

Reinvent Impossible – My Conversation with Beverly Glazer

Number Five

Are you circling mountains or climbing mountains?

This is a solo episode

Number Six

Wholly Unraveled A Story of Survival and Self Discovery – My Interview with Keele Burgin

Number Seven

Self-Worth and Empowerment – My Interview with Meryl Hayton

Number Eight

Fit is Freedom – My Conversation with Kelly Howard

Number Nine

Women over 50 Navigating Your Redesign – My Interview with Lydia Knorr

This is the live conversation I had with Lydia in the Facebook Group.

Number Ten

Gentle But Radical Self Love – My Conversation with Kasia Kolek

Honorable Mention – Getting Your Shit Together with Michelle Horton

In the upper right hand corner of the video, click the three lines and that will take you to all the videos in this series

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