This is a first – compiling the top ten most viewed videos for 2021.

So here we go! Please take a moment as you listen to leave a comment, and subscribe to the YouTube channel. You can read more about the guests in the show notes of the video

You can find the Top 10 Podcast Episodes here they are different!

Number One

Unleash your curiosity with Joy Overstreet

Number Two

Life After A Cult – My Conversation With Tiffani Cappello

Number Three

Self-Worth and Empowerment – My Conversation with Meryl Hayton

Number Four

Introverts and How to Flourish in the Workplace

Number Five

Unlocking the Power of Midlife Women with Stephanie Raffelock

Number Six

Create Who You Want to Be – My Conversation with Wendee Saunders

Number Seven

Always Chasing Better – My Conversation with Michelle Horton

I got a little fancy and tried an intro video here!

Number Eight

Create A Vision for Your Life with Chris Catoggio Part One

There are three other parts to this series on YouTube

Number Nine

Become Financially Fearless – My Interview with Dr. Barbara Provost

Number 10

Are You Climbing the Wrong Mountain – My Conversation with Lynn Louise Larson

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