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Janylène Turcotte ( a.k.a. JT) is a former executive who made the leap from the corporate world to become a clinical hypnotherapist,  licensed RTT®  therapist, ICF certified coach and hypnocoach. 

She’s developed a results-driven approach to life and career transitions, leveraging her radical transformation, professional expertise and numerous certifications and credentials to offer one-on-one hypnocoaching and group programs. She hosts the podcast “It’s Just a Belief,” is the founder of and is the co-founder of QUEEN B, which promotes a holistic approach to self-care.  

Janylène Turcotte ACC, C.Hyp, RTT

+1 (514-576-9578)

Memorable Quotes

Motivation never works. If you have a limiting belief, beliefs that is putting the pedal on the brake, you know, it’s like having the pedal on, on fast forward and went on the brake. It just doesn’t work. Right. That’s the first concept. Then the second concept for me is like a subconscious mind is like that huge warehouse. Where everything is stored, everything you’ve heard, you’ve seen, you felt you intuition everything, the red flags, but that never necessarily all came to your conscious mind because you would go crazy if everything would come to your conscious mind.~ Janylene

The beliefs about change are very important. So as a society, we carry beliefs about age. We carry beliefs. Change. And if you mix the two together, It’s it’s, it’s very normal that people will come to this type of work with some kind of a deep rooted, seated beliefs about age and about change. ~Janylene

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