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Today’s episode I have Person Irresponsible with me, who has asked to be anonymous Person Irresponsible says she is a female, fat, funny, mid-forties and in her fourth year of recovery (with AA) who, for reasons she still cannot fathom, walked solo from Mexico to Canada during the pandemic. Previously she had walked from the fridge to the sofa and back multiple times. she considered camping to be a loathsome pursuit. Hiking was something one did for a few hours before rounding off the day with a hot chocolate and an even hotter bath. She came back to the UK, did her quarantine, then set about writing a book about her endeavors.

Memorable Quotes

“We put ourselves down instead of just accepting a compliment and saying, thank you. We’ll just react. And actually that’s the easiest way to find out if someone’s got insecurity issues. I’ve had to really train myself or someone gives me a confident, I just say, thank you. ~ Person Irresponsible

 “There’s still this sort of petulant immature. Feeling when you first come into recovering and life’s not fair and you have lots of temper tantrums about it, but on top of that, the reasons why you drank in the first place, a lot of us drank on trauma and be great. And unaesthetic alcohol is a fantastic anesthetic.” ~ Person Irresponsible

 You can get Person Irresponsible book here

Everything You Ever Taught Me: If you’ve a lot on your mind, go for a walk…

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