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Today’s episode is the fourth in the series “Getting Your Shit Together” with Michelle Horton of Always Chasing Better Coaching.

Want the entire audio collection of all four episodes? You can find them here.

Memorable Quotes:

“I don’t think we realized the power of actually wanting something and thinking about it and dreaming about it and then actually making it happen. I think a lot of times we think things just happen to us. We can just go through life. And this happened today and this happened today. When I think when you live more intentionally, it’s like, you, you plan it out a little bit and the universe delivers.” ~ Michelle

 “So really being intentional about who you surround yourself with, because if you surround yourself with people who whine and complain and I can’t, I’m afraid, then you’re going to whine and complain and you’re afraid. But with you surround yourself with women who, who do dream big and who do accomplish those dreams and who are positive and moving through life with an intentionally then that’s who you will be. ~ Shelly 

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