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oday, we’re sitting down with Beverly Glazer, a Reinvention Expert for women 50+. She is a therapist, coach and founder of Reinvent Impossible Inc., whose mission is to help women who feel defeated or unfulfilled, to reinvent themselves at any age; own their value, make an impact, and discover what’s possible for the next chapter of their lives.

In this episode, Beverly encourages us to live a life that lights us up and break free from the self-imposed barriers we have for ourselves. We also talked about preparing for retirement and staying curious, so make sure to tune in until the end! 

[00:01 – 13:08] Opening Segment 

  • Welcome to the podcast!
  • Join us on our Facebook Group, see links below 
  • I Introduce Beverly  to the podcast
  • Beverly tells us about her story
  • Help women over 50 women who still have another 50 years going
  • Decided to not follow her mother’s path 
  • Self sacrifice as a common thing for women 

[13:09 – 29:09] Breaking Free From Self-Imposed Boundaries 

  • What’s next after retirement 
  • Preparing for the new world 
  • Embracing our talent 
  • Staying curious 
  • Let go of the self judgement 
  • Letting go of self-imposed boundaries and guilt 
  • Be entitled to live the life that you want to live 
  • Reinventing ourselves as women over 50 

[29:10 – 33:10] Closing Segment

  • Know who you are, not what you do 
  • Connect with Beverly through the links below
  • Final words


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Tweetable Quotes:

“You can reinvent yourself at any age, and that’s regardless of the trappings of your age, or your financial situation or anything.” -Beverly Glazer

“I’m fulfilled by doing what I do and that’s what makes me happy,  and that’s why I will not stop. Life goes on, and when it stops, it stops, and so be it. But every day is special, and I believe that we should all feel fulfilled and happy and live our lives. And it is our right to do that.” -Beverly Glazer

“Take away the word ‘do’ from’ what do I want to do?’ It’s, ‘who do I want to be?.’” – Beverly Glazer 

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Shelly Drymon
Shelly Drymon

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