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Welcome to another episode of the Women Over 50, Life Redesigned! In today’s episode, we will be chatting with Deanna Rose Harper Selby who has spent a few work years helping entrepreneurs with their bookkeeping and finance needs after going through a divorce. As  she approached her 50’s, she began to pursue her vision to help Goddesses Shifting From Divorced to Self-Made, and eventually formed her own group named Better Indeed Group, LLC in 2020. She started to focus on helping female entrepreneurs and newly single women get their lives and finances in order. With the passion that she has for empowering women and helping them to find success, Deanna now serves a large community of female entrepreneurs through the Facebook Group, Fempreneurs Dreaming B.I.G. and helps newly single women show the world that they can do it without “HIM” through her Facebook Group Goddesses Shifting From Divorced to Self-Made

In this episode, Deanna walks us through how she was able to break free from an identity that she has been living for the majority of her life and how this breakthrough led her to helping other women do the same. We also talk about the importance of allowing yourself to grieve, making sure that you are covered in terms of finances, and getting out of the ditch for good. 

[00:01 – 06:52] Opening Segment 

  • Welcome to the podcast!
  • Join us on our Facebook Group
  • I introduce our guest for today, Deann Selby 
  • Deanna talks about her story 
  • Being an ambitious stay at home mom 
  • Being immersed to the mother role 
  • Took a really long time to get out of the “ditch”

[06:52 – 25-:20] Breaking Out of the Motherhood Identity

  • A conscious choice to be a full time mom
  • Deanna’s situation after the divorce
  • How she was able to get out of the hard situation 
  • Allowing herself to go through the misery 
  • Shifted to helping women go through the same thing
  • Figuring out the emotions that are holding you back

[25:21 – 26:380] Closing Segment

  • Connect with Deanna through the links below 
  • Final Words 

Tweetable Quotes:

“We always go through what we go through for a reason.” -Deanna Selby

“And you never ever know, even if you have the best relationship in the absolute world and you know things are always going to be perfect. Always make sure that your butt is covered.” -Deanna Selby

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Shelly Drymon
Shelly Drymon

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