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Welcome to another episode of the Women Over 50, Life Redesigned! Today’s episode is the second part of our Getting Your Shit Together mini-series with Michelle Horton where we will be talking about being brutally honest with ourselves, living our values, and being compassionate. 

As women over 50, we have been conditioned to check off certain boxes. Like if we can check off the boxes that contain a good career, stable relationships, and a nice home, we think we’ve got our shit together. And while Michelle and I were able to do just that, we still felt like we were not living our best lives. So make sure to tune in until the end because Michelle and I are diving deep about being honest with yourself while having self-compassion, and the importance of having strong core values (the non-negotiables).

[00:01 – 03:39] Opening Segment 

  • Welcome to the podcast!
  • Join us on our Facebook Group
  • I introduce our guest for today, Michelle Horton
  • We talk about our topic for the second part of this series 

[03:40 – 22:18] How Do We Start Being Honest with Ourselves?

  • Pressure to tick all the boxes
  • Dealing with the uncomfortable thoughts and conversations
  • Being brutally honest is a way of taking responsibility for your life
  • Vulnerability and gentleness goes hand in hand with honesty
  • The things that you tell yourself are the things that you need to be honest about
  • The power of telling and sharing our stories 
  • Having a strong set of core values

[22:19 – 26:38] Closing Segment

  • Be compassionate with yourselves
  • Get to know who you are
  • Connect with Michelle through the links below 
  • Final Words 

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Tweetable Quotes:

“This is the time where we get to kind of sit back, and that but it’s also a good time to stay take stock. And I think that’s what getting our shit together is. It’s really taking stock about who we are today, and getting brutally, brutally honest, is not easy. But I think it’s easier when you’re over 50 because there’s nothing to lose.” – Michelle Horton 

“There’s also a lot of power in sharing your story, even if it’s just one other person who can just sit and listen. There’s something about hearing yourself tell your story.” – Michelle Horton

“If it doesn’t fit in your values, then you have a choice. Is this something worth my time or not?” – Michelle Horton

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